15 April 2021       Changes to 2021 County/National Championships



As part of the Bowls England Guidance on the ‘return to bowls’ Bowls England have released details of changes to the 2021 National Championships & National Competitions.


For the 2021 National Championships & Competitions there are some quite significant changes made which will have a direct impact on our own County Championships as well as the National Competitions that are run direct by Bowls England


For our County Championships namely:

·       2 bowl singles

·       Singles

·       Pairs

·       Triples

·       Fours

·       Senior Fours

·       Junior Singles

·       Junior Pairs


The significant changes that have been made, which will apply to our 2021 County Championships & the National finals are:


Format of play

The format of play in each of the above will be:-

·       Singles will be 4 Bowls – 21 up (no change)

·       2 Bowl Singles will be 2 Bowls over 21 ends (no change)

·       Pairs will be 3 per player bowls over 18 ends

·       Triples will be 2 bowls per player over 18 ends

·       Fours will be 2 bowls per player over 15 ends

·       Senior Fours will be 2 bowls per player over 15 ends

·       Junior Singles will be 4 bowls - 21 up (no change)

·       Junior Pairs will be 3 bowls per player over 18 ends


An Addendum to our Rules & Regulations will be issued in due course. These changes apply for 2021 but will be subject to review for future years. There are no plans to change the format of the Bales Cup, Lord Fermoy Cup & Jermy Cup or the County League


National Finals qualification

The number of qualifiers will be limited to 48 being made up of the 35 County Championship winners plus the runners-up from those Counties with the highest number of entries in each event. With our number of entries, Norfolk will have only one qualifier for each event, namely the County winner.


National Championship finals dates

The National Championships held in Leamington Spa, have been put back and will run from 19th  August to 5th September  with the Middleton Cup semi-final & final on 11th September. The championships will be a combined Men’s & Ladies event with their championships being run side by side. The full National Championship programme is on the Bowls England website.


Entry fees

Bowls England have said that no refund of entry fees will be made unless due to restrictions a particular discipline is not able to be played and the Norfolk Bowls Association will also take this approach.


For inter-county events, there are also changes


Johns trophy

In 2021 this will be played on a knock out basis starting on 10thJuly rather than in regional zones with the semi-finals & final being put back to 11th September. Early rounds will be played at a neutral venue or provided the participating Counties agree 3 rinks at home & 3 away. All matches will continue as 6 rinks and played over 21 ends


Walker Cup

These events will be played on a knock out basis with regional finals on 18th July and the semi-final & final on 5th September


As for National Competitions, being events entered direct to Bowls England and run by them which for ease of reference are:-

·       Club Two Fours

·       Tony Allcock Trophy

·       Top Club

·       Senior Singles

·       Senior Pairs

·       Mixed Pairs

·       Mixed Fours

·       Family Pairs

·       Champion of Champions


Format of play

As for the Championships, you will see that the formats have changed for some. Details are contained in Bowls England’s email but for your ease, I have summarised these below:

·       Club Two Fours - 2 bowls per player over 15 ends per rink

·       Tony Allcock Trophy - 2 bowls per player over 15 ends per rink

·       Top Club – see BE rules for full details

·       Senior Singles will be 4 Bowls – 21 up (no change)

·       Senior Pairs - 3 bowls over 18 ends

·       Mixed Pairs – 3 bowls over 18 ends

·       Mixed Fours – 2 bowls per player over 15 ends

·       Family Pairs– 3 bowls per player over 18 ends

·       Champion of Champions will be 4 Bowls – 21 up (no change)


Round dates

The dates of the various rounds are detailed in Bowls England’s email. The draws and individual match notifications will continue to be issued direct by Bowls England.




29 March 2021               COVID-19 Update


Please note there will be some date changes to the diary, this will be finalised near future, Competitions have been updated


23 February 2021          Bowls England COVID-19 Update


BOWLS ENGLAND UPDATE - 22nd February 2021

Guidance following Government’s road map for easing lockdown restrictions


Bowls England has issued the following statement after the Government’s announcement on 22nd February of the roadmap for the easing of restrictions. As and when things become clearer particularly as to how these affect Clubs and our County Championships & County League, details will be circulated to Clubs.



Today’s roadmap for the easing of lockdown restrictions enables Bowls England, counties and affiliated clubs to prepare with confidence for the 2021 outdoor season.  The Prime Minister’s announcement confirmed that outdoor affiliated bowls clubs will be able to open from 29 March.  

Our overriding objective is for as many bowlers as possible to enjoy our sport in a safe manner this summer. Bowls is a naturally socially-distanced, non-contact activity and plays a key role in the mental and physical health of many across the country.The positive prospects for the new season provides a great boost to bowlers and the sport in general. 

Whilst the overwhelming majority of existing bowlers are eager to start playing and are likely to have received their first vaccine, we understand there is a degree of nervousness about returning to the sport.  We will be working alongside our development partner, the Bowls Development Alliance, to support affiliated clubs across the country to create Covid-safe environments, building on the fantastic efforts of many club leaders last year.  This work will include:

        ‘Return to Play’ guidance for affiliated clubs

        Resources and best practice to support the safe running of clubs

        Online rink booking and cashless payments

        Promotional material and funding advice

We also aim to facilitate as much domestic competition as possible. We have developed a series of Covid-contingency scenarios and, with the information now available, will look to reshape our national competition schedule. We will issue a further update on the championships and competitions programmes once we have had the opportunity to consult with counties and clubs on any potential changes.

Our National Open Weekend planning will continue and we believe there’s a good opportunity to encourage people, who are looking for a new fun, family outdoor activity, into our sport. We will be working with affiliated clubs who sign up to empower them to deliver Open Weekend events that are Covid-safe and give new players a fantastic first experience.

Chief Executive, Jon Cockcroft, said: “With the roadmap laid out by the Prime Minister, we are excited about our sport’s prospects for the coming season. With sensible interventions in place, bowls is a sport that can be enjoyed authentically and safely within the government guidelines and it will be a huge boost for the wellbeing of the bowls community to be playing the sport they love and connecting back in with their local communities. We will be working in partnership with all stakeholders, notably affiliated clubs, to navigate through any challenges and, whilst mindful to retain a level of caution, are very excited about the outdoor bowls season beginning soon.”

We understand today’s developments will provoke a range of questions and we would ask people to bear with us as we work through the various implications. As soon as we can, we will be issuing more detailed guidance on the Bowls England website.


Matt Wordingham

22 February 2021          Clearing Browser History


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How you clear your browser history depends on who’s browser you use, try going to the link below to find out about clearing the browser history from the various web browsers.



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Delete history, cache and cookies

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I hope this helps





18 February 2021          UPDATE

Since I last updated you on ladies’ county matters following an Officers’ Meeting held on 8th September, a further Officers’ Meeting was held today via Skype and I write to update you on the ongoing situation concerning plans for the 2021 season.

It is our hope that you have been able to keep safe and well. We are aware that some of you have been facing this pandemic alone and that some of you will have lost loved ones and our thoughts have been with you all. Let us hope that we will be able to meet and bowl in some form or other during 2021 as we wait for further information from H M Government.

Attached is an up to date Diary of Events for this season. It has been necessary to update this so please destroy any earlier copies that you may have received. This has been prepared for a “normal” season and we will deal with any changes that have to be made following guidance from the Government at the time. We will keep you informed and also update the website with any necessary changes which have to take place. Please be aware that our priority is to keep our members safe at all times.

COMPETITIONS Draw has taken place via Skype and this will be posted on our Website ( – Ladies’ Section) shortly.

HANDBOOK and SUPPLEMENT Members who have ordered will receive a copy of the 2020 Handbook together with a Supplement dealing with 2021 matters. It is hoped that these will be available for the start of the season depending upon when and if we receive the go-ahead for bowls play this season. In any event details will be on our Website.

COUNCIL MEETINGS Because of the present uncertainty we will inform you with good notice of any meetings which are to take place. Contingency plans are in place for the distribution of the Handbook and Supplement should it not be possible to hold a Council Meeting.

OPEN DAY Scheduled for 26th April. Invitations will be going out but we will have to make a decision nearer the time according to the rules for play existing at that time. Perhaps we may be allowed to play triples but not fours.

NBA LADIES 2021 SEASON UPDATE dated 15 February 2021 / continued........

NATIONAL COMPETITIONS These have been scheduled for play by Bowls England and again, we await theirs and the Governments guidance.

FRIENDLIES Again, we await guidance but we are hoping that we can go ahead and this respect a form will be circulated shortly for members to express their interest in playing in the first two matches – 13th and 25th May.

COFFEE MORNING President Anne to issue details in due course. If we are unable to keep to the scheduled date then an alternative date will be chosen for later in the season. The same situation refers to PRESIDENT’S DAY

LUNCHEON Scheduled to take place in October and already booked. The Executive are of the opinion that this should go ahead if the rules allow even if no competitions have not taken place as it is felt that members would enjoy getting together after all that has gone before.

COUNTY BADGES There are four ladies who earned their badge in 2019 who have yet to be presented, namely Yvonne Hutson, Edna Land, Ann Bayes and Jenny Williard. These ladies will be presented with their badge at the first occasion in 2021 when the county can get together It has been proposed and agreed that in future any ladies who have earned their badge after the selection of the friendlies has taken place then they will be presented that same year at the Luncheon. Although our Rules and Regulations differ from this, in the present circumstances we feel we are justified in making this change for the benefit of our members.

BENEVOLENT Benevolent Secretary Kay had received many thankyou messages following the distribution of the Tesco Vouchers to our vulnerable members. Sadly Kay has sent several condolence cards during this time and she thanks everyone for keeping in touch. We still await more entries for the Benevolent Triples.

BOWLS ENGLAND A.G.M,. to take place on 27th March via Zoom. They will be setting out their contingency plans for the season and I will report to you again following that meeting.

LOST CLUBS Sadly we have lost three clubs this season – Shotford, Bradwell and Dereham St Nicholas. We will miss these ladies but hopefully they may be able to join us again in better times.

FINALLY My thanks to all of you for keeping in touch and for all that you do to help our county association run as smoothly as possible. I hope that you find the foregoing useful and if you have any queries please do get in touch. We are here to help.

\and .....MOST IMPORTANTLY Keep safe. Hopefully the majority of us will have received our vaccination by the time the season starts.

Dawn Cousins
15 February 2021


21 Sept 2020                 BOWLS ENGLAND – COVID - Updated Guidance for Lawn Bowls


Bowls England have updated their guidance re: COVID 19 including guidance on the holding of meetings. The updated guidance issued on 18th September 2020 is:-







Bowls England have updated their Guidelines. Guidance to Clubs


29 June 2020                 County Luncheon


In view of the uncertain future with regard to the virus and there being no trophies to present the Executive have taken the decision to cancel this year's luncheon which was scheduled to take place on 9th October. The ongoing situation will be monitored and it is hoped that arrangements can be made for some sort of get-together for county members when it is safe to do so.


Dawn Cousins

Ladies' Secretary


15 May 2020                 BOWLS ENGLAND – Coronavirus COVID 19 - GUIDANCE FOR CLUBS


The Government (DCMS) has published its full guidance on the return of outdoor sport and recreation, including lawn bowls. Following this Bowls England have issued bowls specific guidance to Clubs which has been approved by DCMS and this is attached. Guidance to Clubs


Should you wish to view the Government guidance in detail, please go to:


If you have any questions, please e-mail: They are there to help and will endeavour to respond within three working days.


19 Mar 2020                  CORONAVIRUS


In accordance with guidelines issued by Bowls England, set out below are the decisions taken by this Executive with regard to the 2020 bowling season.


1. The County Calendar is cancelled up to and including 25th August. If the situation should change at any time then matters will be reviewed nearer the time.


2. Following the Bowls England arrangement, I have spoken with Anne and Pat who have agreed that Anne will be our President for 2021 and Pat will follow for 2022.


3. Bowls England will be returning both affiliation and competition fees and as soon as Val receives this from Bowls England then it will be returned to those affected.


4. The ordering of the new jackets has been put on hold and will eventually be ordered for the start of next season.


5. The Bowls England Office will close at close of business on Friday 20th March. Staff will be working from home. Mail addressed to the office can be forwarded but B E are requesting that electronic communications be used as far as possible.


6. Bowls England require the work on the Membership Scheme to continue during this shutdown. As I have already informed you – this is being dealt with by your male counterparts/club contact via the Men’s Section.


7. I am in constant touch with Men’s Secretary John Ottaway. John has put various questions to Bowls England and as soon as replies/information is received I will of course forward on to you.


8. Please club secretaries will you pass on this information to your members.


I know you will understand that we have taken these measures to do all we can to protect our fellow bowlers and, as always, I thank you for all your help and support.


I am here for any queries.


Keep safe. Best wishes.

Secretary Dawn



08 Jan 2020          2020 World Bowls Championships


Katherine Rednall has been selected to play in the World bowls team at the Gold coast, Australia 27th May till 7th June 2020.



28 Sept 2019                 European Championships


In the Women’s Pairs at the European Championships, Devon Cooper (Hertfordshire) and Katherine Rednall (Norfolk) secured the bronze medal, with Andrew Walters (Worcestershire) and Tristan Morton (Huntingdonshire) topping the table to win gold in the Men;s Pairs.

As a result of their performances, the quartet also won bronze medals with all scores combined, narrowly missing out on a silver medal on shot difference.


27 Sept 2019                 Norfolk Ladies selected for England


Katherine Rednall and Rebecca Willgress have been selected to play for England next year in Leamington on 14th to 16th June 2020.



18 August 2019             2019 National Championships


Well done to Pat Clarke and Christine Webb on reaching the National final of the Senior Pairs losing to Sussex.

Also to Carole Baker, Sam Coverdale, Suzanne King and Jackie Devitt reaching the semi-finals of the fours.



05 August 2019             2019 Ladies County Championship Results



Winners: C. Baker, S. Coverdale, S. King & J. Devitt (Norfolk BC)

Runners-up: J. Pearson, L. Hall, J. Church & L. Barber (Freethorpe)



Winners: A. Tickner, P. Smith & J. Adams (Gorleston Links)

Runners-up: L. Cannell, B. Meeks & J. Kirby (Acle)



Winners: C. Rednall & K. Rednall (Norfolk BC)

Runners-up: S. Stacey & A. Chalk (Acle)


4-Wood Singles

Winner: S. King (Norfolk BC)

Runner-up: D. Wright (St Lawrence)


2-Wood Singles

Winner: J. Kirby (Acle)

Runner-up: J. Devitt (Norfolk BC)


Junior Singles

Winner: K. Rednall (Norfolk BC)

Runner-up: A. Chalk (Acle)


Junior Pairs

Winners: E. Chalk & A. Chalk (Acle)

Runners-up: T. Linford & G. Siely (Acle)  


Senior Fours

Winners: J. Eldred, K. Cottington, G. Pilgrim & S. Ealden (Holt)

Runners-up: S. Malyon, L. Percival, A.Chambers & T. Scarffe (Swaffham)


Senior Pairs

Winners: P. Clarke & C. Webb (County Arts)

Runners-up: L. Cannell & G. Reeve (Acle)


Senior Singles

Winner: J. Devitt (Norfolk BC)

Runner-up: E. Dawson (Shouldham)


Unbadged Singles

Winner: M. Dark (Hunstanton)

Runner-up: S. Coverdale (Norfolk BC)


Unbadged Pairs

Winners: E. Land & E. Donovan (Martham)

Runners-up: M.O’Sullivan & Y. Hutson (Shotford)


Champion of Champions

Winner: A. Tickner (Gorleston Links)

Runner-up: J. Kirby (Acle)


Benevolent Triples

Winners: J. Willeard, S. Moretta & J. Adams (Gorleston Links)

Runners-up: J. Cockrill, F. Hendrick & A. Barker (Caister/Freethorpe)


Webb Trophy

Winner: Acle

Runner-up: Gorleston Links


Coronation Triples:  the final between Holt & Gorleston Links will takeplace on Friday 30th August.



05 August 2019             Rosie Day - Saturday 27th July


It was nearly "rain stopped play" as we arrived at Shouldham Bowls Club in a downpour!  After a quiz and something to eat the weather improved and we were able to get in 11 ends of bowls - 7 of which were the roving jack format - great fun!    Paying a surprise visit to the area was Rohan, an Australian Cricketer who had lodged with Rosie 20 years ago.  Rohan arrived with Rosie's family and appropriately he presented the "Rosie" Trophy to the winner - Bernadette Scott from Aldiss Park.  The proceeds of the raffle was split between the club and the Big C, each receiving £80. Many thanks to Shouldham for their hard work in hosting this event.


Photograph shows the presentation together with Rosie's Daughter Angela and Granddaughter Katie with their husbands and Rohan's son - who has also been playing cricket over here.





31 July 2019                  Benevolent Triples Finals 2019









Jenny Willeard




Christine Johnson

Sue Moretta




Debra Wright

Jill Adams




Lynne Quibell











Jane Cockrill




Sue Pheasant

Frances Hendrick




Kay Parke

Amy Barker




Daphne Ramm









Jenny Willeard




Jane Cockrill

Sue Moretta




Frances Hendrick

Jill Adams




Amy Barker



29 July 2019                  Top Club Final 2019


The Top Club final will now be on 29th August 11am at County Arts


18 July 2019                  Benevolent Triples Finals 2019


JULY 31st at R G CARTER 10 FOR 10-30am


Whites Club Tops and Stickers


Refreshments Available all day.





Jenny Willeard


Catherine Branch

Sue Moretta


Vera Moore

Jill Adams


Joan Knox







Christine Johnson


Janet Eaton

Debra Wright


Denise Eves

Lynne Quibell


Pat Timbs







Jane Cockrill


Pauline Hurrell

Frances Hendrick


Janet Frohawk

Amy Barker


Margaret Dark







Sue Pheasant


Sandra Faircloth

Kay Parke


Sue Moore

Daphne Ramm


Eliane Donovan




16 July 2019                  Johns Trophy Result


Johns Trophy -v- Leicestershire on Saturday 6th July at Wymondham Dell


This was the round leading up to the regional finals.  Norfolk beat Leicestershire 118/112 - 14/8 which brought them second in the table with 36 points to Hertfordshire's 41.

Hertfordshire went on to play against Essex on 13th July with Essex going through to the finals.


Rink scores


C. Baker, J. Adams, M. Morton & J. Devitt         33 – 10            S. Sharpe

A. Tickner, K. Carrick, B. Meeks & J. Kirby       29 – 23            C. Dixon

C. Turner, K. Cottington, S. Curtis & C. Webb   13 – 18            P. Walker

L. Knights, T. Scarffe, E. O’Hanlon & S. King   12 – 21            L. Green

P. English, J. Webb, J. Webster & B. Whitehead 18 – 21            J. L-Winch

L. Cannell, M. Hunt, D. Wright & A. Barker       13 – 19            D. Hurst


Overall Score 118 (14)  v  (8) 112


04 July 2019                 County Finals at RG Carter


County Finals at RG Carter on Sunday 7th July & Monday 8th July 10am both days


Please come and support



27 June 2019                 County Semi-Final/Finals at RG Carter


Friday 28th June 2 for 2.30pm


Triples Semi-Finals


Chris Abbott, Sally Oakley & Audrey Potter (Kings Lynn)

Lynne Cannell, Barbara Meeks & Jenny Kirby (Acle)


Anne Tickner, Pat Smith & Jill Adams (Gorleston Links)

Anne White, Brenda Walters & Julie Walmsley (Norfolk BC)


Final to be confirmed


4 Wood Singles Semi-Final 5:30pm approx


Katherine Rednall (Norfolk BC)

Suzanne King (Norfolk BC)



Saturday 29th June



Junior Pairs 9:30 for 10am


Evie Scott & Shannon Tucker

Emily Chalk & Anna Chalk

Tia Linford & Gemma Siely

Ellie Johnson & Emily O’Hanlon


To be drawn on the day


Final approx. 12:30pm



2 Wood Singles Quarter Finals  9:30 for 10am


Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)

Katherine Rednall (Norfolk BC)


Bernadette Scott (Aldiss Park)

Kathleen Cottington (Holt)


Ann Chambers (Swaffham Town)

Eileen Dawson (Shouldham)


Jenny Kirby (Acle)

Shirley Jones (Shouldham)


Semi-Finals 11:15am    Final 1pm approx



All to be played in Whites & Club Tops with Stickers


Refreshments available Supporters welcome



Saturday 6th July 9:30 for 10am



Pairs Semi-Final


             Marlene Hooper & Sue Curtis (County Arts)

             Christine Rednall & Katherine Rednall (Norfolk BC)




25 June 2019                 Norfolk team for Johns Trophy


Johns Trophy match against Leicestershire at Wymondham Dell BC on Saturday 6th July 1 for 1:30pm


C. Turner, K. Cottington, S. Curtis & C. Webb

P. English, J. Webb, J. Webster & B. Whitehead

C. Baker, J. Adams, M. Morton & J. Devitt

A. Tickner, K. Carrick, B. Meeks & J. Kirby

L. Knights, T. Scarffe, E. O’Hanlon & S. King

L. Cannell, M. Hunt, D. Wright & A. Barker


Reserves:- P. Thorpe, P. Smith



25 June 2019                 Important:- Car Parking at Downham Mkt Bowls Club


The Downham Mkt Club has now been informed by the Car Parking Company who has installed the new system that anyone who has been issued a fine in the last couple of weeks that they need their name and vehicle registration number to be able to cancel the fine.

Please send an email to with your details.


Please note as from Monday 1st July the system will go live and anyone parking on the car park will need to register as soon as they park, please read the signs on the car park as to how to register.



24 June 2019                 Johns Trophy & Walker Cup Results


A disappointing weekend for Norfolk. Knocked out of the Walker Cup to Essex by 4 shots and receiving just 3 points on the Johns match against Hertfordshire. All counties in the Johns Group are very close and it is all to play for on our Johns Match against Leicestershire at Wymondham Dell on Saturday 6th July.


Team announcement shortly. Spectators welcome – come and support our ladies.


Johns Trophy 22nd June 2019 v Hertfordshire at Wymondham Dell


Rink scores


C. Turner, M. Morton, S. Curtis & C. Webb        16 – 20            P. Hilson

L. Tufts, J. Webb, J. Webster & B. Whitehead     13 – 21            A. Hall

C. Baker, S. Coverdale, S. King & J. Devitt        20 – 20            S. Maynard

P. Thorpe, K. Carrick, B. Meeks & J. Kirby        14 – 21            M. Hendry

L. Knights, T. Scarffe, E. O’Hanlon & A. Chalk 21 – 23            D. Whybrow

L. Cannell, M. Hunt, D. Wright & A. Barker       18 – 14            R. Tremlett


Overall Score 102 (3)  v  (19) 119


Walker Cup 23rd June 2019 v Essex at Wymondham Dell


Rink scores


C. Baker, E. O’Hanlon, S. King & J. Devitt         24 – 25            S. Madgewick

L. Knights, J. Kirby, A. Chalk & C. Webb          38 – 42            M. Norgate




18 June 2019                 Car Parking at Downham Mkt Bowls Club


We have been notified that parking fines have been issued to anyone who has parked on their club car park over the last 2 weeks. If you have received one of these we have been told by the Downham Mkt Club to please ignore it and DO NOT pay the fine.



12 June 2019                 Norfolk teams for Johns Trophy & Walker Cup


Johns Trophy match against Hertfordshire at Wymondham Dell BC on Saturday 22nd June 1 for 1:30pm


C. Turner, M. Morton, S. Curtis & C. Webb

L. Tufts, J. Webb, J. Webster & B. Whitehead

C. Baker, S. Coverdale, S. King & J. Devitt

P. Thorpe, K. Carrick, B. Meeks & J. Kirby

L. Knights, T. Scarffe, E. O’Hanlon & A. Chalk

L. Cannell, M. Hunt, D. Wright & A. Barker


Reserves:- A. Tickner, P. English, J. Adams, K. Cottington


Walker Cup match against Essex at Wymondham Dell BC on Sunday 23rd June 1 for 1:30pm


C. Baker, E. O’Hanlon, S. King & J. Devitt

L. Knights, J. Kirby, A. Chalk & C. Webb


Reserves:- A. Barker, B. Whitehead


09 June 2019                 Rinks & Junior Singles Finals


Rinks Final winners were, after extra end

Carole Baker, Sam Coverdale, Suzanne King, Jackie Devitt - Norfolk B.C. 14

Joy Pearson, Lesley Hall, Janet Church, Lillian Barber - Freethorpe 13


Junior Singles Winner

Katherine Rednall 21 Anna Chalk 13


All qualify for National finals at Leamington in August.


03 June 2019                 Johns Trophy Result


Norfolk got off to a good start in their opening match against Bedfordshire at Potton taking 19 points from their opponents.


Rink scores


C. Turner, M. Morton, S. Curtis & C. Webb        21 – 20            P. Bright

L. Tufts, J. Webb, J. Webster & B. Whitehead     15 – 16            J. Bowers

C. Baker, S. Coverdale, S. King & J. Devitt        22 – 17            J. Brooks

P. Thorpe, A. Tickner, B. Meeks & J. Kirby        22 – 22            L. Gibson

L. Knights, T. Scarffe, E. O’Hanlon & A. Chalk 27 – 10            M. McPherson

L. Cannell, M. Hunt, D. Wright & A. Barker       26 – 20            J. Bryant


Overall Score 133 (19)  v  (3) 105



18 May 2019                 Norfolk team for Johns Trophy


Johns Trophy match against Bedfordshire at Potton BC on Saturday 1st June


C. Turner, M. Morton, S. Curtis & C. Webb

L. Tufts, J. Webb, J. Webster & B. Whitehead

C. Baker, S. Coverdale, S. King & J. Devitt

P. Thorpe, A. Tickner, B. Meeks & J. Kirby

L. Knights, T. Scarffe, E. O’Hanlon & A. Chalk

L. Cannell, M. Hunt, D. Wright & A. Barker


Reserves:- K. Carrick, P. English, J. Adams, Kathleen Cottington



08 May 2019                 Norfolk Bowls Association Sponsorship


Norfolk Bowls Association is delighted to announce a sponsorship deal with East Bilney Garage, an independently owned Renault & Dacia car franchise dealership.


In exchange for financial support of the Association, East Bilney Garage will promote their products & services at certain prestigious events over the forthcoming season.


East Bilney’s Sales Manager Marc Huggins says “as an independent & local company we are delighted with the arrangement we have reached with the Norfolk Bowls Association which we hope will not only support the services we offer but also keep them & their talented bowls at the forefront of bowls in England”.


In a joint statement by Norfolk Men’s & Ladies County Presidents, John Mason & Edna Mayhew have said “we are delighted on behalf of both the Men’s & Ladies sections that East Bilney Garage will be our sponsors for the 2019 season & we are sure the arrangement will be hugely beneficial to both parties. We and our fellow officers look forward to working with Marc & his team over the summer”



Edna Mayhew (Norfolk Bowls Association Ladies President), Marc Huggins (Sales Manager East Bilney Garage) & John Mason (Norfolk Bowls Association Men’s President)



06 May 2019                 Johns Trophy Trial


Johns Trophy Trial to be held at Wymondham Dell on Sunday 12th May - 10 for 10.30 a.m.

Trialists :  C Turner, L Tufts, S Stacey, C Baker, M Morton, M Hunt, K Carrick, S Coverdale, P Thorpe, L Cannell, S Jones, P English, P Smith, D Wright, K Cottington, A Tickner, San. Curtis, J Webster, A Chalk, S King. E O'Hanlon, A Barker, A Brand, J Adams, C Webb, B Whitehead, J Kirby, J Devitt, B Meeks, J Webb and T Scarffe



06 May 2019                 Open Day 2019


After last year's cancellation due to rain 88 ladies representing 17 clubs braved the cold at Thorpe Rec on 29th April.

Thanks go to Thorpe Rec for all those involved in hosting this event.

The winners were from King's Lynn - Helen Young , Sally Oakley, Christine Abbott and Audrey Porter.


29 April 2019                New Sponsorship for Norfolk Bowls Association deal agreed


I am delighted to announce a new sponsorship for the Norfolk Bowls Association with East Bilney Garage Ltd, an independently owned Renault and Dacia Franchise Dealership.


The arrangement agreed is for a financial payment to the County in return for us providing product placement, being car displays at certain of our more prestigious events over the summer months as well as advertising opportunities. Precise details of the product placements are now being finalised and I will confirm these in due course.


The payment being made by East Bilney will enable us to continue to maintain our or fees at the current levels & in addition we hope to be able to provide branded scorecards to all our Clubs  & this matter is being progressed.


I would also confirm that this arrangement is jointly with our Ladies so both Men’s & Ladies Sections will benefit.


If you are interested in seeing what East Bilney Garage have to offer then please visit their website


John Ottaway                   

Hon. Men’s Secretary

Norfolk Bowls Association


31 January 2019            Coffee Morning


Coffee Morning on Saturday 16th March 2019 at Wymondham Dell 10:00am until 2:00pm. Please come along and bring your friends to support President Edna.


25 August 2018             National Senior Fours


Congratulations to Norfolk BC (Carole Baker, Joyce Webster, Jackie Devitt and Brenda Whitehead) on reaching the Final of the National Senior Fours at Royal Leaming Spa  photo


Hampshire take the 2018 Women’s National Senior Fours Championship title, sponsored by Personal Touch Holidays, at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa.


The quartet of Lesley Johnson, Brenda Plumpton, Hazel Marke and Margaret Holden from Alton Social BC, Hampshire defeated Carole Baker, Joyce Webster, Jackie Devitt and Brenda Whitehead from Norfolk BC, Norfolk 18 shots to 6 in this afternoons final




Alton Social, Hants (M Holden) bt Wigton, Cumb (K Baxter) 22-21

Norfolk BC, N’folk (B Whitehead) bt Box, Wilts (A Jacobs) 18-17



Alton Social, Hants (M Holden) bt Norfolk BC, N’folk (B Whitehead) 18-6



18 August 2018             National 2 Wood Singles


Congratulations to Rebecca Field from Norfolk BC on reaching the Final of the National 2 Wood Singles at Royal Leaming Spa photo



02 August 2018             Benevolent Triples Results


C. Johnson, D. Wright & L. Quibell (St Lawrence)                17

D. Newbury, M. Robinson & G. Holbrook (GW Staniforth)  7


C. H-Wood, J. Priestley & J. Newell (Dereham St Nic)         11

J. Cockerill, F. Handrick & A. Barker (Caister)                     10


J. Williard, S. Moretta & J. Adams (Gorleston Links)           14

A. Sopp, V. Moore & J. Knox (Connaught)                           13


S. Faircloth, S. Moore & E. Donovan (Martham)                   18

B. Scott, L. West & I. Lambert (Aldiss Park)                         12


Semi Finals


St Lawrence                 5

Dereham St Nic           16


Gorleston Links           18

Martham                      12




Dereham St Nic           7

Gorleston Links           19



27 July 2018                  Rosie Day


Rosie Day Sunday 22nd July


This will be an annual event in memory of our past President and Secretary Rosie Smith.  Rosie was also National President in 1997.


This year the event was held at Rosie’s club at Mundford.  34 Ladies enjoyed a drive and an excellent lunch prepared by Rosie’s daughter Angela and her family.   As numbers were short Rosie’s bowls came into play by her Son-in-Law David. The “Rosie” trophy donated by Secretary Dawn was won by Anita Horgan of Shouldham B.C. and presented by Angela. The proceeds of the day including a raffle and Rosie memorabilia raised £300 for Mundford Church.


Photo’s of the day



20 July 2018                 County Finals Day at RG Carters


             Saturday 28th July 10.00 for 10.30am




Pairs Final


Ann White & Julie Walmsley (Norfolk BC)

Emily O’Hanlon & Rebecca Field (Norfolk BC)


Triples Final


Pam Baker, Jean Webb & Suzie Groombridge (Wymondham)

Lynne Cannell, Barbara Meeks & Jenny Kirby (Acle)


Unbadged Singles Final


Helen Wilkinson (County Arts)

Bernadette Scott (Aldiss Park)


             2:00pm approx


2 Wood Singles Final


Rebecca Field (Norfolk BC)

Margaret Hunt (St Lawrence)


Junior Singles Final


Anna Chalk (Mundford)

Emily O’Hanlon (Norfolk BC)


Coronation Triples Final


Pam Baker, Jean Webb & Suzie Groombridge (Wymondham)

Doreen Smith, Marlene Kay & Ann Melton (GW Staniforth)


Sunday 29th July 10:30am



4 Wood Singles Final


Jayne Roylance (County Arts)

Claire Turner (County Arts)



19 July 2018                          Benevolent Triples Results


                                                M. Hunt          17        v          P. English        10

                                                G. Holbrook    18        v          O. Millington  9

                                                J. Newell         16        v          J. Ewins          10

                                                A. Barker        13        v          S. Bragg          12


                                                J. Adams         15        v          B. Whitehead   13

                                                J. Knox            11        v          E. Mayhew      9

                                                E. Donovan     13        v          M. Middleton  11

                                                I. Lambert        16        v          J. Bargh           12


                                    Finals to be played at RG Carter on 1st August 10 for 10:30


                                                M. Hunt                      v          G. Holbrook

                                                J. Newell                     v          A. Barker

                                                J. Adams                     v          J. Knox

                                                E. Donovan                 v          I. Lambert



16 July 2018                  Johns Trophy results


Johns Trophy result vs Hertfordshire at Hatfield on 7th July


             C. Webb                      16  v  22

             B. Whitehead               17  v  22

             J. Roylance                  32  v  13

             J. Devitt                       20  v  17

             J. Kirby                       24  v  16

             S. Curtis                      18  v  20


                         Norfolk 127 (16)  v  (6) 110


This win brought Norfolk’s points total to 42.  Unfortunately Essex beat Cambridgeshire and also have 42 points but they have gone through on shot difference.



03 July 2018                 County Finals at RG Carters


             Sunday 8th July 10.00 for 10.30am




4 Wood Singles Semi-Final


Margaret Hunt (St Lawrence)

Claire Turner (County Arts)


Pairs Semi-Final


Emily O’Hanlon & Rebecca Field (Norfolk BC)

Pauline Hurrell & Sue Pheasant (Hunstanton)


Unbadged Pairs Semi-Finals


Jenny Moon & Ann Bayes (Connaught)

Maggie O’Sullivan & Yvonne Hutson (Shotford)


Brenda Shorter & Bridget Horne (Aldiss Park)

Sue Parke & Margaret Wilson (Thorpe Rec)


Senior Fours Semi-Finals


Elsie Button, Alexis Brand, Glynis Wilson & Shirley Jones (Shouldham)

Lynn West, Lyndsay Cator, Irene Lambert & Anita Smith (Aldiss Park)


Carole Baker, Joyce Webster, Jackie Devitt & Brenda Whitehead (Norfolk BC)

Sheila Malyon, Lee Percival, Jan Dearman & Thelma Scarffe (Swaffham Town)


             2:00pm approx


Senior Fours Final



4 Wood Unbadged Singles Semi-Finals


Ann Bayes (Connaught)

Helen Wilkinson (County Arts)


Bernadette Scott (Aldiss Park)

Lynn West (Aldiss Park)



             Monday 9th July 10.00 for 10.30am




Pairs Semi-Final


Ann White & Julie Walmsley (Norfolk BC)

Lynne Cannell & Geraldine Reeve (Acle)


Champion of Champions Semi-Finals


Sandra Faircloth (Martham)

Lilian Barber (Gt Plumstead)


Leanne Mills (RG Carter)

Janet Morton (Holt)


Coronation Triples Semi-Final


Doreen Smith, Marlene Kay & Ann Melton (GW Staniforth)

Anne Read, Joyce Webster & Brenda Whitehead (Norfolk BC)



             2:00pm approx


Champion of Champions Final



4 Wood Singles Semi-Final


Jayne Roylance (County Arts)

Thelma Scarffe (Swaffham Town)





Coronation Triples Semi-Final


Janet Ewins, Sheila Malyon & Thelma Scarffe (Swaffham Town)

Pam Baker, Jean Webb & Suzie Groombridge (Wymondham Dell)





Rinks Final


Rebecca Field, Carole Baker, Suzanne King & Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)

Claire Turner, Sandra Curtis, Christine Webb & Jayne Roylance (County Arts)



Good Luck & Good Bowling



Supporters Welcome & Refreshments available




29 June 2016                 County Semi-Finals at RG Carters


             Friday 29th June 2.30 for 3.00pm




Triples Semi-Finals


Elise Elvin

Carole Baker

Mary Johnson (Norfolk BC)


Pam Baker

Jean Webb

Suzie Groombridge (Wymondham)


Lynn Cannell

Gwyn Xuerub

Jenny Kirby (Acle)


Louise Knights

Joyce Webster

Brenda Whitehead (Norfolk BC)




2 Wood Singles Qtr-Finals


Janet Newell (Aldiss Park)

Rebecca Field (Norfolk BC)


Margaret Dark (Hunstanton)

Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)


             Sunday 1st July 9.30 for 10.00am


Junior Pairs – drawn on the day


Final 12:00




2 Wood Singles Qtr-Finals


Val Gibson (Norfolk BC)

Anne Tickner (Gorleston Links)


Brenda Whitehead (Norfolk BC)

Margaret Hunt (St Lawrence)



26 June 2018                 Norfolk team for Johns Trophy


Johns Trophy match against Hertfordshire at Hatfield BC on Saturday 7th July


M. Hunt, P. Tomlinson, T. Scarffe & Sue Curtis

E. O’Hanlon, D. Wright, A. Barker & J. Roylance

A. Tickner, J. Webb, J. Webster & B. Whitehead

C. Turner, M. Morton, Sandra Curtis & C. Webb

R. Field, C. Baker, S. King & J. Devitt

P. English, S. Stacey, A. Chalk & J. Kirby


Reserves:- S. Jones, L. McMillan, S. O’Hara


Supporters are welcome – Pick-ups at Wymondham & Thetford

Contact Secretary Dawn Cousins for details 01263 823106


25 June 2018                 Johns Trophy & Walker Cup results


Johns Trophy result vs Essex at Wymondham Dell on 23rd June


             C. Webb                      27  v  22

             B. Whitehead               21  v  11

             J. Roylance                  11  v  23

             J. Devitt                       25  v  15

             J. Kirby                       18  v  17

             S. Curtis                      15  v  24


                         Norfolk 117 (18)  v  (4) 112


Walker Cup result vs Leicestershire at Leicester on 24th June


             J. Roylance                  15  v  29

             J. Devitt                       11  v  16



13 June 2018                 Rebecca Field on International Duty


Good luck to Rebecca Field in the International series at Belmont club in Ireland which starts this weekend.



12 June 2018                 Norfolk team for Johns Trophy


Johns Trophy match against Essex at Wymondham Dell BC on Saturday 23rd June  1 for 1:30pm


A. Tickner, P. Tomlinson, T. Scarffe & Sue Curtis

E. O’Hanlon, D. Wright, A. Barker & J. Roylance

L. Knights, J. Webb, J. Webster & B. Whitehead

C. Turner, M. Morton, Sandra Curtis & C. Webb

R. Field, C. Baker, S. King & J. Devitt

M. Hunt, S. Stacey, A. Chalk & J. Kirby


Reserves:- S. Jones, S. O’Hara



12 June 2018                 Norfolk team for Walker Cup


Walker Cup match against Leicestershire at Leicester BC on Sunday 24th June


R. Field, C. Baker, S. King & J. Devitt

E. O’Hanlon, B. Whitehead, C. Webb & J. Roylance


Reserves:- A. Chalk


SUPPORTERS are welcome. Coach leaves Wymondham Dell at 9.15 a.m, picking up at King’s Lynn (Dragonfly) at 10.10 a.m

Please ring to book with Secretary Dawn Cousins 01263 823106



04 June 2018                 Rebecca Field on International Duty


Rebecca Field has been selected for the Test match against Bowls Australia. The Test Match will take place on Sunday 1st July (PM) and all day on Monday 2nd July at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa.



03 June 2018                 Johns Trophy vs Cambs result


Johns Trophy match against Cambridgeshire at Wymondham Dell BC on Saturday 2nd June


M. Hooper, M. Watson, T. Scarffe & Sue Curtis               6  -  28           S. Alexander

E. O’Hanlon, D. Wright, A. Barker & J. Roylance          24  -  16           P. Ayres

L. Knights, P. Tomlinson, J. Webb & B. Whitehead        13  -  22           J. Stephens

C. Turner, M. Morton, Sandra Curtis & C. Webb            19  -  13           S. Pinder

R. Field, C. Baker, S. King & J. Devitt                            20  -  14           C. Salisbury

P. English, S. Stacey, A. Chalk & J. Kirby                      24  -  21           E. Faulkner


                                                                  Total 106 (8pts)  v  114 (14pts)



21 May 2018                 Norfolk team for Johns Trophy


Johns Trophy match against Cambridgeshire at Wymondham Dell BC on Saturday 2nd June  1 for 1:30pm


M. Hooper, M. Watson, T. Scarffe & Sue Curtis

E. O’Hanlon, D. Wright, A. Barker & J. Roylance

L. Knights, P. Tomlinson, J. Webb & B. Whitehead

C. Turner, M. Morton, Sandra Curtis & C. Webb

R. Field, C. Baker, S. King & J. Devitt

P. English, S. Stacey, A. Chalk & J. Kirby


Reserves:- A. Tickner, J. Dearman, J. Webster, M. Hunt, S. O’Hara



20 May 2018                 Rinks Semi Finals


The Rinks Semi Finals will take place at R G Carter BC on Friday 25th May at 5:00pm



18 May 2018                 Lees/Hudson Trophy


Lees/Hudson Trophy played against the Federation Ladies at R G Carter BC on Thursday 17th May


C. Turner, Sandra Curtis & C. Webb                   22-16   M. Himpleman

C. Baker, S. King & J. Devitt                               28-21   L. Barber

E. O’Hanlon, J. Webb & B. Whitehead                34-12   L. Blake

M. Hooper, M. Watson & Susan Curtis               21-28   S. Crysell

S. Stacey, D. Wright & J. Kirby                           12-32   S. Hardingham

P. English, S. O’Hara & T. Scarffe                      18-30   J. Jolly


                                                      Total    135-139



18 Apr 2018                  Norfolk Johns Trophy Trials


Johns Trophy Trial 2018 to be held at Wymondham Dell BC on Sunday 20th May  10 for 10:30am


M. Hooper, M. Watson, T. Scarffe & Sue Curtis

E. O’Hanlon, D. Wright, A. Barker & J. Roylance

L. Knights, A. Tickner, J. Webb & B. Whitehead

C. Turner, M. Morton, Sandra Curtis & C. Webb

R. Field, C. Baker, S. King & J. Devitt

S. Stacey, L. Bennett, A. Chalk & J. Kirby

P. English, A. Chambers, M. Hunt & J. Dearman

P. Tomlinson, N. Moseley, S. O’Hara & J. Webster


Reserves:- J. Adams, S. Moretta, P. Smith



18 Aug 2017                  Success at Leamington


Congratulations to Brenda Whitehead from Norfolk BC on reaching the Quarter Finals of the 4 Wood Singles, Rebecca Field from Norfolk BC on reaching the Quarter Finals of the 2 Wood Singles and Jenny Kirby & Sheila Stacey from Acle St Edmunds on reaching the Quarter Finals of the Pairs.


08 Aug 2017                  Senior Pairs at Leamington


Congratulations to Brenda Whitehead & Joyce Webster from Norfolk BC on reaching the Quarter Finals of the Senior Pairs.



08 Aug 2017                  Johns Trophy


Norfolk Ladies lose in the final of the Johns Trophy after a very tight semi-final victory.


Semi Final result

Norfolk                                               Lincolnshire

Amy Barker                 19 v 25            Olive Wells

Brenda Whitehead       24 v 15            Jill Edson

Susan Curtis                14 v 16            Rena Markham

Christine Webb            16 v 17            Lin Mountain

Jackie Devitt                24 v 11            Maureen Wilson

Jenny Kirby                 16 v 23            Penny Strong

                         Total 113 v 107


Final result

Norfolk                                               Kent

Christine Webb            17 v 13            Jane Cogle

Amy Barker                 20 v 19            Ann Harrison

Jenny Kirby                 19 v 29            Sian Honnor

Jackie Devitt                15 v 21            Wendy King

Brenda Whitehead       21 v 28            Eileen Simpson

Susan Curtis                22 v 18            Julie Parker

                         Total 114 v 128



03 Aug 2017                  Benevolent Triples


Quarter Finals


C. Webb (County Arts)                       8

M. Dark (Hunstanton)             15


A. Melton (GW Staniforth)                  21

S. O’Hara (County Arts)                     2


G. Holbrook (GW Staniforth)  13

M. Carter (Northwold)            8


B. Whitehead (Norfolk BC)                15

S. Moretta (Gorleston Links)               10


Semi Finals


M. Dark (Hunstanton)                         8

A. Melton (GW Staniforth)                  19


G. Holbrook (GW Staniforth)              5

B. Whitehead (Norfolk BC)                20




A. Melton (GW Staniforth)                  7

B. Whitehead (Norfolk BC)                18




22 July 2017                  Johns Trophy Finals at Leamington Spa


Team for the Finals at Leamington Spa on 5th August


Ada Sumpter                Rebecca Field             Louise Knights

Jan Dearman                Carole Baker               Jean Webb

Thelma Scarffe            Suzanne King              Joyce Webster

Jenny Kirby                 Jackie Devitt               Brenda Whitehead


Claire Turner               Marlene Hooper          Emily O’Hanlon

Marie Morton              Pauline Tomlinson      Debra Wright

Sandra Curtis               Mary Watson              Anna Chalk

Christine Webb            Susan Curtis                Amy Barker


Reserves          Rita Basted, Pamela English, Mary Johnson



20 July 2017                  Benevolent Triples


Quarter Final at RG Carter on Wednesday 2nd August 9:30 for 10am


C. Webb (County Arts)

M. Dark (Hunstanton)


A. Melton (GW Staniforth)

S. O’Hara (County Arts)


G. Holbrook (GW Staniforth)

M. Carter (Northwold)


B. Whitehead (Norfolk BC)

S. Moretta (Gorleston Links)


Supports Welcome

Refreshments Available



15 July 2017                  Johns Trophy Qtr Final result


Norfolk defeated Leicestershire 112 – 109 in the quarter final on the Johns trophy today and will now play Lincolnshire in the semi-final at Leamington on Saturday 5th August.



A. Barker         9   v   28          L. Green

B. Whitehead   12  v  18          S. Sharpe

J. Kirby            24  v  19          D. Hurst

C. Webb           28  v  7            C. Massie

J. Devitt           25  v  15          J. Lee Winch

Sue Curtis        14  v  22          C. Dixon




14 July 2017                  Achievements


Congratulations to Jayne Roylance who has played 100 Johns Trophy matches and 50 Walker Cup matches, an excellent achievement. Also Christine Webb and Sandra Curtis have played in 75 Johns Trophy matches.



05 July 2017                 County Finals at RG Carters


             Sunday 9th July 9.30 for 10.00am




2 Wood Singles Qtr-Finals


Anne Read (Norfolk BC)

Anita Smith (Aldiss Park)


Rebecca Field (Norfolk BC)

Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)


Unbadged Singles Semi-Finals


Nicole Moseley (Kings Lynn)

Lynn West (Aldiss Park)


Lucy Tufts (Norfolk BC)

Elisheba Bell (Wymondham)


Senior Fours Semi-Finals


Sheila Malyon, Ann Chambers, Jan Dearman & Thelma Scarffe (Swaffham Town)

Carole Baker, Elise Elvin, Linda Bennett & Kay Carrick (Norfolk BC)


Pat Clarke, Sandra Curtis, Christine Webb & Jayne Roylance (County Arts)

Jenny Willeard, Jean Clements, Anne Tickner & Jill Adams (Gorleston Links)





Pairs Semi-Finals


Louise Knights & Brenda Whitehead (Norfolk BC)

Sheila Stacey & Jenny Kirby (Acle)


Sylvia Parsons & Sheila Bragg (Connaught)

Emily O’Hanlon & Rebecca Field (Norfolk BC)



Finals                          1:30pm approx


Unbadged Singles Final


Senior Fours Final


                                     3:00pm approx


Pairs Final


                                     4:00pm approx


Junior Singles Final


Elisheba Bell (Wymondham)

Anna Chalk (Mundford)



             Monday 10th July 10.00 for 10:30am




Rinks Final


Sheila Malyon, Ann Chambers, Jan Dearman & Thelma Scarffe (Swaffham Town)

Shirley Hunter, Janet Chapple, Eliane Cole & Lianne Mills (RG Carter)


Triples Final


Doreen Smith, Doreen Newbury & Marlene Kay (GW Staniforth)

Natasha Brooks, Jane Watson & Amy Barker (Gt Plumstead)


Coronation Triples Semi-Final


Anne White, Gloria Hill & Julie Walmsley (Norfolk BC)

Anne Read, Joyce Webster & Brenda Whitehead (Norfolk BC)




2 Wood Singles Qtr-Finals


Sylvia Thomas (Aldiss Park)

Margaret Hunt (St Lawrence)


Brenda Whitehead (Norfolk BC)   W/O

Pauline Wright (Swaffham Town)


             5:00pm approx


2 Wood Singles Semi-Finals


Coronation Triples Semi-Final


Claire Turner, Helen Wilkinson & Sheila O’Hara (County Arts)

Kacey Cook, Anne Tickner & Pat Smith (Gorleston Links)


             6:00pm approx


Junior Pairs Final


Ellie Johnson & Emily O’Hanlon (Norfolk BC)

Evie Scott (Aldiss Park) & Nicole Moseley (Kings Lynn)


             6:30pm approx


2 Wood Singles Final


Coronation Triples Final


If possible


             Tuesday 11th July 10.00 for 10:30am




4 Wood Singles Semi-Finals


Louise Knights (Norfolk BC)

Brenda Whitehead (Norfolk BC)


Shirley Jones (Shouldham)

Jenny Kirby (Acle)


Champion of Champions Semi-Finals


Marlene Hooper (County Arts)

Anne Tickner (Gorleston Links)


Pam English (Downham Mkt)

Jenny Eldred (Holt)


Unbadged Pairs Semi-Finals


Lucy Tufts & Sam Coverdale (Norfolk BC)

Chris Abbott & Audrey Porter (Kings Lynn)


Shirley Hunter & Angela Curdt (RG Carter)

Pauline Hurrell & Sue Pheasant (Hunstanton)




4 Wood Singles Final



Champion of Champions Final



Unbadged Pairs Final



Good Luck & Good Bowling to Everyone



04 July 2017                  Wearing of Regulation Shorts


Clubs who have notified the Association that they APPROVE the wearing of regulation shorts on their green.














Clubs who DO NOT APPROVE of the wearing of shorts on their green.








Other Clubs not listed have yet to notified the Association.



30 June 2017                 Triples Semi Finals


The Triples semi-finals take place 30th June 2:00pm at RG Carter



15 June 2017                 Rosie Smith Funeral Arrangements


Rosie’s Funeral is to take place on Friday 23rd June 2017 at 2.30 p.m. at Mundford Church


After the service everyone is welcome at Mundford Bowls Club.


There is limited parking at the bowls club but arrangements are being made for parking at the outfield at the Cricket Club and the Football Pitch. These will be signed.


There are no facilities at the church but are available at the Bowls Club and the Village Hall.


Donations should be in favour of St. Leonards Church Mundford and forwarded to Mark Skinner Funeral Services, London Road, Brandon, Suffolk IP27 0EW.


Arrangements have been made for the Executive and Past Presidents to form a guard of honour.


To help the family with their arrangements we are trying to give them some idea of numbers and would be glad if you could inform Dawn Cousins (01263 823106 – Email of your intentions.


We would be glad if all those attending who have a full county uniform would wear it.


County Executive 15th June 2017


11 June 2017                 Johns Trophy result


Johns Trophy match against Hertfordshire at Wymondham Dell BC on Saturday 10th June


C. Webb                24  v  12  M. Dunstone

J. Roylance            23  v  8   R. Tremlett

B. Whitehead         19  v  13  S. Maynard

Sue Curtis             22  v  19  M. Hendry

J. Devitt                 26  v  9   S. Boardman

J. Kirby                 8   v  35  A. Hall


                                          Norfolk  122 (20pts)  v  (2pts)  96  Hertfordshire



07 June 2017                 Rosie Smith


It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Rosie Smith.


Rosie served the County as Secretary of the Ladies section for many years. She will be sorely missed by her many friends in Norfolk and across the wider bowling community. Our condolences to Rosie’s family.


Funeral details will be circulated when these are known.



04 June 2017                 Johns Trophy result


Johns Trophy match against Cambridgeshire at St Neots BC on Saturday 3rd June


J. Roylance            9  v  19  J. Stephens

C. Webb                14  v  31  S. Alexander

Sue Curtis             19  v  25  P. Ayres

B. Whitehead         32  v  15  S. Pinder

J. Kirby                 32  v  24  C. Salisbury

J. Devitt                 12  v  31  E. Faulkner


                                          Norfolk  118 (4pts)  v  (18pts)  145  Cambridgeshire



29 May 2017                 Norfolk Walker Cup & Rinks Semi-final results


Walker Cup team falls at first hurdle


Norfolk’s ladies will hope to seek revenge on Cambridgeshire in the first round of the Johns Trophy at St Neots next weekend after a disappointing day at the office on Sunday, losing out by 10 shots in the double rink discipline.


The rink skipped by Christine Webb with Jayne Roylance, Jackie Devitt and Rebecca Field in support got off to a bad start, 8-2 and 14-6 behind, though a run of 6 shots unanswered between ends 14 and 17 put them back in the frame with four left to play. On end 18 a chance for another count slipped away from them and two singles and a count of a double against left them trailing 19-14 with one to play. A final two would make little difference to the final result and they walked off the green with a final score of 16-19.


The other rink of Louise Knights, Suzanne King, Jenny Kirby and Brenda Whitehead were neck and neck up to 5 ends before a promising count of three to take the score to 6-3 in Norfolk’s favour. However, they couldn’t use the momentum and scores of four, one and three against them put the Cambridgeshire side in control which is where they stayed for the rest of the match; the telling blow on end 18 where they picked up a count of four followed by a three for the score to read 23-11. The Norfolk four rallied at the end with a three and a two but it was an unassailable lead for the Cambridgeshire quartet with the score line finishing 16-23 against the ladies in red.


Norfolk will return to Cambridgeshire on Saturday 3 June to play the six rink Johns side.


Final results     R Field, J Devitt, J Roylance, C Webb 16, L Chapman, L Papworth, V Hughes, C Salisbury 19

L Knights, S King, J Kirby, B Whitehead 16, A How, C Locking, S Alexander, J Stephens 23.


Rinks Semi-Finals


The first places for Norfolk at the national finals have been decided in the fours competition with Sheila Malyon, Pauline Wright, Jan Dearman and Thelma Scarffe from Swaffham BC and Shirley Hunter, Janet Chapple, Elaine Cole and Lianne Mills from RG Carters victorious in their semi-finals on Friday.


Played at RG Carters Bowling Club, the home quartet qualified in a nail biting fashion against Acle and the second semi-final was again competitively fought with result going down to the last end, with the Swaffham four just beating the team from Downham Mkt.



Ada Sumpter, Marie Morton, Barbara Meeks, Jenny Kirby (Acle) 15, Shirley Hunter, Janet Chapple, Elaine Cole, Lianne Mills (RG Carter) 16

Pam English, Chris Kellow, Dot Evans, Pauline Farnham (Downham Mkt) 16, Sheila Malyon, Pauline Wright, Jan Dearman, Thelma Scarffe (Swaffham) 18





19 May 2017                 Norfolk team for Johns Trophy & Walker Cup


Johns Trophy match against Cambridgeshire at St Neots BC on Saturday 3rd June  1 for 1:30pm

             Coach leaves County Arts 10:45, Wymondham Dell 11:00,  Thetford 11:30


A. Sumpter, R. Basted, M. Morton & J. Kirby

C. Turner, Sandra Curtis, A. Chalk & C. Webb

R. Field, C. Baker, S. King & J. Devitt

M. Hooper, P. Tomlinson, M. Watson & Susan Curtis

L. Knights, J. Webb, J. Webster & B. Whitehead

E. O’Hanlon, T. Scarffe, D. Wright & J. Roylance


Reserves:- A. Barker, P. English, J. Dearman, M. Johnson



Walker Cup match against Cambridgeshire at Littleport BC on Sunday 28th May 12noon


L. Knights, S. King, J. Kirby & B. Whitehead

R. Field, J. Devitt, J. Roylance & C. Webb


Reserves:- J. Webster, D. Wright



19 May 2017                 Rinks Semi-Finals


Friday 26th May 2017  1:30 for 2:00pm

at RG Carter (Whites)


Downham Mkt                       v          Swaffham Town

P. English                                            S. Malyon

C. Kellow                                             P. Wright

D. Evans                                              J. Dearman

P. Farnham                                          T. Scarffe


R.G. Carter                            v          Acle

S. Hunter                                             A. Sumpter

J. Chapple                                            M. Morton

E. Cole                                                 B. Meeks

L. Mills                                                J. Kirby


Will be pleased to see support

Refreshments available




06 April 2017                Bowls England Women’s Junior Trialists


Anna Chalk of Mundford & Emily O’Hanlon of Norfolk Bowling Club have been invited to attend the Women’s Junior International Trial at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa on Monday 29th May 2017.


05 April 2017                The Wearing of Shorts 2017


Bowls England have approved the wearing of shorts. These are to be REGULATION and are available from Bowls England in both White and Grey at £27.50. These can be worn for County Championships.


Competitions concerned are :-


2 Wood Singles, 4 Wood Singles, Junior Singles, Junior Pairs, Pairs, Triples, Fours, Senior (over 55) Fours, Unbadged Singles, Unbadged Pairs, Coronation Triples, Champion of Champions, Webb Trophy and Top Club. White for Finals otherwise Grey.


If you intend wearing shorts then it is YOUR responsibility to check with the club where you are to play prior to the commencement of the game that the wearing of approved shorts is allowed at that club.


When all the information has been collated a list of clubs who have approved or not approved the wearing of shorts will appear on the website.



06 Mar 2017                  Rebecca Field included in Bowls England Squad for Australia Test Series


Rebecca Field of Norfolk Bowling Club has been named as part of the 14-strong squad to participate in a series of matches in Australia to signal the start of preparations for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on 26th to 28th April.



26 Sept 2016                 International Selection


Congratulations to Norfolk’s Rebecca Field having been selected for the Women’s Senior International Series to be held in Llandridnot Wells, Wales from Sunday 18th to Tuesday 20th June 2017.



07 Sept 2016                 Amy Rose Bowl & International Trials


Congratulations to Norfolk’s Amy Rose Bowl team which reached the semi-finals losing to the eventual winners Somerset having previously beaten Sussex, Leicestershire & Essex.


             The Amy Rose squad



Lucy Tufts, Emily O’Hanlon, Harriett Segasby & Rebecca Field

Nicole Moseley, Shannon Tucker, Sam Coverdale & Anna Chalk

Reserves:- Eliseba Bell, Emily Chalk, Jess Ward


 Congratulations to Norfolk’s Rebecca Field (playing) & Jackie Devitt (reserve) on being selected for the Women’s Senior International Trial on Sat 24th Sept at Leamington Spa



11 August 2016             National Fours


                                                Congratulations to Norfolk BC’s rink of Rebecca Field, Carole Baker, Harriett Segasby & Jackie Devitt on reaching the final

of the National Fours at Royal Leamington Spa today where they lost 16 -23.



07 August 2016             Winners Photo’s





03 August 2016                      Benevolent Triples Results


                                             Qtr Finals


                                                M. Carter (Northwold)           21

                                                A. Walters (Wymondham)      13


                                                R. Culver (Wymondham)       9

                                                A. Melton (GW Staniforth)     19


                                                P. Smith (Gorleston)               18

                                                B. Venn (Thorpe Rec)            6


                                                B. Whitehead (Norfolk BC)   23

                                                D. Ramm (Hunstanton)          3


                                             Semi Finals


                                                M. Carter (Northwold)           6

                                                A. Melton (GW Staniforth)     22


                                                P. Smith (Gorleston)               16

                                                B. Whitehead (Norfolk BC)   17




                                                A. Melton (GW Staniforth)     11

                                                B. Whitehead (Norfolk BC)   18



01 August 2016             County Final Winners Photo’s




31 July 2016                 County Final Results at RG Carters


4 Wood Singles Final


Rebecca Field (Norfolk BC)               21

Suzie Groombridge (Wymondham)     18


2 Wood Singles Final


             Jenny Kirby (Acle)                 13

Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)    14


Under 25’s Singles Final


Anna Chalk (County Arts)                 21

Harriett Segasby (Norfolk BC)            17


Coronation Triples Final


             Margaret Wilson, Brenda Venn & Sheila Hilliard (Thorpe Rec)       24

Susan Moore, Sandra Faircloth & Elaine Donovan (Martham)         16


Triples Final


Joy Pearson, Fay Moll & Janet Church (Freethorpe)                         13

Rebecca Field, Harriett Segasby & Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)         16


Rinks Final


Sheila Stacey, Ada Sumpter, Marie Morton & Jenny Kirby (Acle)                            6

Rebecca Field, Harriett Segasby, Carole Baker & Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)         26


Pairs Final


Claire Turner & Sandra Curtis (County Arts)                        19

Jenny Eldred & Hazel Rix (Holt)                                14


Under 25’s Pairs Final


Anna Chalk (County Arts) & Emily Chalk (Mundford)                    24

Harriett Segasby & Emily O’Hanlon (Norfolk BC)                            5



25 July 2016                 County Finals at RG Carters


             Saturday 30th July  9:30 for 10:00am


4 Wood Singles Final


Rebecca Field (Norfolk BC)

Suzie Groombridge (Wymondham)


2 Wood Singles Final


             Jenny Kirby (Acle)

Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)


Under 25’s Singles Final


Anna Chalk (County Arts)

Harriett Segasby (Norfolk BC)


Coronation Triples Final


             Margaret Wilson, Brenda Venn & Sheila Hilliard (Thorpe Rec)

Susan Moore, Sandra Faircloth & Elaine Donovan (Martham)


12:30 approx


Triples Final


Joy Pearson, Fay Moll & Janet Church (Freethorpe)

Rebecca Field, Harriett Segasby & Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)



             Sunday 31st July  1:30 for 2:00pm


Rinks Final


Sheila Stacey, Ada Sumpter, Marie Morton & Jenny Kirby (Acle)

Rebecca Field, Harriett Segasby, Carole Baker & Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)



Refreshments available

Please come and support these Finals



22 July 2016        Annual Luncheon & Prizegiving


                                    Annual Luncheon & Prizegiving at Holiday Inn Norfolk Airport on

                                    Monday 3rd October 2016  12 for 12:30pm


                                    Tickets (£22.50) available at Council Meeting on 25th August

                                    or by contacting Treasurer Val on 01953 798411


                                    Deadline for ordering tickets is 15th September



22 July 2016        Walker Cup Result


                                    Norfolk lost their Walker Cup regional final to Leicestershire 38 v 48



21 July 2016                          Benevolent Triples Results


                                    At Aldiss Park


                                                M. Hunt          9          v          M. Carter         19

                                                D. Ramm         9          v          E. Dawson      7

                                                R. Culver         13        v          S. Malyon       9

                                                G. Holbrook    11        v          A. Melton        16


                                    At Thorpe Rec


                                                B. Venn           14        v          P. Wilson        9

                                                J. Walmsley     11        v          A. Walters       25

                                                P. Smith          12        v          C. Webb          9

                                                B. Whitehead   20        v          S. O’Hara        9


                                    Finals to be played at RG Carters on Wed 3rd August 9:30 for 10:00am


                                                M. Carter                     v          A. Walters

                                                R. Culver                     v          A. Melton

                                                P. Smith                      v          B. Venn

                                                B. Whitehead               v          D. Ramm


                                    Refreshments available



15 July 2016                 County Finals at RG Carters


             Monday 18th July


Pairs Final at 5:00pm


Claire Turner & Sandra Curtis (County Arts)

Jenny Eldred & Hazel Rix (Holt)


Champion of Champions Final at 6:00pm


             Jackie Devitt (Norfolk BC)

Elaine Cole (RG Carter)


Unbadged Pairs Final


Sandra Faircloth & Susan Moore (Martham)

Joy Seago & Gillian Pilgrim (Holt)



Please come and support these Finals



15 July 2016                 County Top Club Final result


Acle  2 (76)  v  Gorleston  2  (68)



13 July 2016                          Benevolent Triples Wednesday 20th July


                                    At Aldiss Park 9:30 for 10:00am


                                                Prelim Round

                                                M. Hunt                      v          P. Hurrell

                                                J. Taylor                      v          L. Grant


                                                1st Round

                                                V. Moore                    v          M. Carter

                                                J. Morton                    v          D. Ramn

                                                E. Dawson                  v          J. Dearman

                                                P. English                    v          R. Culver

                                                                        11:30 for 12:00pm

                                                J. Newell                     v          S. Malyon

                                                G. Holbrook                v          B. Matthews

                                                A. Smith                      v          A. Melton


                                    At Thorpe Rec 9:30 for 10:00am


                                                S. Bragg                      v          B. Venn

                                                D. Allen                      v          P. Wilson

                                                J. Walmsley                 v          P. Earrye

                                                A. Walters                   v          M. Middleton

                                                M. Johnson                 v          P. Smith

                                                P. Henning                  v          C. Webb

                                                                        11:30 for 12:00pm

                                                J. Adams                     v          B. Whitehead

                                                S. O’Hara                    v          D. Scales


                                    To be played in Whites


                                    Raffle & Refreshments available at both clubs