Constitution of Norfolk Bowls Association


1.         Title.

            The Association shall be called ‘Norfolk Bowls Association [the Association]


2.         Objectives.

           The objectives of the Association shall be

             (a)       To promote, foster and safeguard the level green game of Bowls in the County of  Norfolk.

             (b)       To be a member and guarantor of the company ‘Bowls England’ and to conform to its rules and regulations.

(c)       To adopt and enforce the laws of the game as laid down by World Bowls as amended for ‘domestic play’ by Bowls England and the Association.

(d)       To promote, organise and superintend various competitions amongst the members of the constituent clubs in accordance with rules and by-laws as approved in the Association Rules and Regulations of each gender.

(e)        To promote organise and superintend inter-county Matches National competitions and friendly matches.

(f)        To interpret, when called upon by Affiliated Clubs or members thereof, difficult or doubtful questions of law and practice, and to arbitrate in all disputes referred to the Association between and among the Affiliated Clubs and members thereof.

(g)       The Association is committed to promoting a safe environment in which children and vulnerable adults can enjoy taking part in games of bowls.  It will seek to underpin and ensure this commitment by following and promoting the joint Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy and Procedures of ‘Bowls England’ - see the Association Rules and Regulations of each gender.


3.          Membership.

(a)       Membership will comprise all Existing Clubs affiliated to the Norfolk County EBA Association and/or the Norfolk Women’s Bowling Association on the 9th December 2012.       

(b)       Membership of the Association shall also be open to Clubs in the County of Norfolk possessing level greens, having banks and ditches in accordance with World Bowls Laws of The Sport of Bowls and having been approved by the Association Greens Committee.

(c)       Clubs playing on greens connected with licensed premises must be managed by an Executive Committee, and must have sole and exclusive use and control of the funds of the clubs and greens on which they play.

(d)       Clubs playing on Municipal, or other public greens, must possess a permit from the Municipal or other public authority allowing them the use of rinks for competitive purposes.  No club playing or intending to play on a Municipal or other public green upon which an Affiliated Club or Clubs is or are playing shall become affiliated to the Association until the existing club or Clubs using the said green has or have been consulted by the County Association, and, in the opinion of the Association, has or have offered no bona fide objection to its affiliation.

(e)        Clubs admitted to membership shall be eligible to enter the Association’s competitions in accordance with Association Rules and Regulations of each gender as appropriate.

(f)        Affiliated Clubs are required to play all friendly or other matches in accordance with the  Association Rules and Regulations of each gender as appropriate.


4.          Fees and Subscriptions

            (a)        Every Club applying for affiliation shall pay the Association a Joining Fee and Annual

Subscription as may be fixed from time to time and any Association levy, which may be agreed at the Annual Meeting.

(b)       All affiliated clubs must pay the Annual Subscription per bowling member as may be determined from time to time by Bowls England.  A bowling member is any member of a club entitled to play on the green.

(c)       The Annual Subscription and Fees shall be paid no later than 30th November in each year, and any club failing to pay the subscription by the date named shall forfeit all the rights and privileges of membership until the whole of the arrears have been discharged.


5.          Administration.

                        The affairs of The Association shall be managed by


(a)       The Executive Board who will be the members elected to the following positions, see note below. 


1. Executive Officer/Chairperson  

2. President Norfolk Bowls Association (Men)

3. President Norfolk Bowls Association (Women)

4. Honorary County Administrator

5. Honorary Treasurer of Norfolk Bowls Association (Men).                       

6. Honorary Treasurer of Norfolk Bowls Association (Women)

7. Honorary Secretary of Norfolk Bowls Association (Men)

8. Honorary Secretary of Norfolk Bowls Association (Women)

9. Bowls England Representative (Men)

10. Bowls England Representative (Women)


 plus any Executive Officer or Non Executive Officer as listed in Rule 5(b) requested to attend.


The role, function and responsibilities of the Executive Board shall be

             (a).      The Association Constitution

             (b).      Grievances and Discipline referred by gender management Committees

             (c).      Liaison with ‘Bowls England’

             (d).      Set Affiliation and Competition fees in accordance with Norfolk Bowls Association

                        Constitution Paragraph 4.

             (e).      Pay Affiliation fees to ‘Bowls England’

             (f).       Annual and other Special Meetings.



NOTE The Executive Officer/Chairperson and Honorary County Administrator shall be elected at the Annual Meeting each for a period of three years except for the first period when the Administrator shall serve for a period of 4 years, and all other positions above shall be ratified after election, within the Association Rules and Regulations of each gender as appropriate. If the Chairman or Administrator should be unable to complete their term the Executive Board shall have the power to fill the vacancy for the remainder of that term.


The formation of the Executive Board will be reviewed annually at the AGM.  Nominations for the position of Executive Officer/Chairperson and Honorary County Administrator must be submitted in writing to the Honorary County Administrator not later than the 31st December in every year, accompanied by the written consent of the candidate.


(b)       Non Executive members of the Executive Board will be County League Chairman, the Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Officer, County Coach, Youth Development Officer, Middleton Cup & Eastern Counties League Manager, Under 30’s Manager, Visiting Tourist Liaison Officer, Honorary Benevolent Fund Secretary, Eastern Counties Co-ordinator, County Tour Managers, Press Officers, Green Maintenance Advisory Officer. 


(c)        The Board will meet in February and October of each year, and at any other time the business of the Association demands.  In the absence of the Chairperson, another member of the Executive Board shall be elected to conduct the business.  At the October meeting the Senior Vice President of each gender Management Committee shall be invited to attend.


(d)       Sub Committees


The Executive Board shall be empowered to establish and appoint sub-committees and working parties for specific purposes from time to time and to determine the terms of reference thereof, including to what extent such sub-committees shall have executive powers.


(e)        Norfolk Bowls Association Men’s Management Committee comprising


1)         Chairman

2)         President

                        3)         Senior Vice President

                        4)         Junior Vice President

                        5)         Honorary Secretary

                        6)         Honorary Assistant Secretary

                        7)         Honorary Treasurer

8)         Honorary Match Secretary

                        9)         Honorary Assistant Match Secretary

                        10)       Honorary League Secretary

                        11)       Honorary Competition Secretary

                        12)       Immediate Past President

                        13)       Bowls England Representative

                        14)       Four members nominated from Group Meetings (one from each Group, who shall be

                                    Called the Group Representative as set out in the Men’s Rules and Regulations

                        15)       County Administrator (with no vote)


(f)        Norfolk Bowls Association Women’s Management Committee comprising


1)         President

                        2)         Senior Vice President

                        3)         Junior Vice President

                        4)         Honorary Secretary

                        5)         Honorary Assistant Secretary

                        5)         Honorary Treasurer

                        6)         Honorary Benevolent Fund Secretary

                        7)         Honorary Competition Secretary

                        8)         Immediate Past President.

                        9)         Bowls England Representative

                        10)       County Administrator (with no vote)


Nominations for all positions to the above Management Committees must be submitted in writing to the respective Honorary Secretaries not later than the 31st August in every year, accompanied by the written consent of the candidate.   The role and responsibilities of the Men’s and Women’s Management committees are defined in the Association Rules and Regulations of each gender.


(g)   Women’s Council comprising

Women’s Management Committee together with two delegates from each Women’s affiliated club

The Council will meet as required to ensure necessary liaison and exchange of information between the Management Committee and affiliated clubs.


(h) Honorary Life Members

All Past Presidents and Honorary Life members of the Norfolk County EBA Association and the Norfolk Women’s Bowling Association shall become Honorary Life Members of the Association (HLM). The gender Management Committees shall also have power to elect HLMs for special services rendered to the game. All past County Presidents shall be elected HLM. All HLMs shall be entitled to attend General or Special Meetings



6          Matters of Urgency and Resolution of Disputes

             Any matter of urgency or any dispute arising between or amongst affiliated clubs or members thereof, as to the meaning or interpretation of the laws of the game, or any of the rules, bye-laws, regulations or conditions, or any point not covered by the laws, rules, bye-laws, regulations and conditions or any matter, of practice, policy or complaint, which it shall hold to be within its jurisdiction, shall be referred to the respective Management Committee, who shall be empowered to resolve and adjudicate.  Seven members of the Management Committee shall form a quorum.


7           Executive Board in Appeal

             If any party is dissatisfied with the decision of the Management Committee in paragraph (6) they may appeal to the Executive Board.  The subject of reference or appeal must be stated in writing to the County Administrator, within 14 days of receiving written notification of the decision. The County Administrator shall within 14 days of the appeal or as so soon thereafter as shall be practicable call a Special Meeting of the Executive Board to discuss and determine the appeal. Seven members of the Executive Board shall form a quorum. The parties affected by the appeal shall be entitled to attend the meeting and to be heard. The decision of the Executive Board shall be final, notwithstanding any right of appeal to Bowls England (Bowls England Regulation 11(1)). 


8           Severance of Membership

             It shall be competent to the Executive Board after due investigation of the facts, and if need be, the examination of witnesses and relevant evidence, to suspend or terminate the membership of any Club or member thereof, but such Club or member shall have a right of Appeal to the Annual Meeting against any decision, provided the Appeal, is made on behalf of the Club, be signed by its

Honorary Secretary and lodged with the Administrator of the County Association within 21 days of the Executive Board decision. Such appeal shall state the ground or grounds on which it is made.


9.          Expenses

             Amounts of expenses for the forthcoming year shall be decided upon at the AGM and paid by the 1st October. Any Officer being considered for such payments must withdraw from the meeting whilst discussion takes place.



10         Annual and Other Special General Meetings

             The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held on or before the second Sunday in March in each year. Twenty eight days notice of it and of all General Meetings shall be given and 15 members shall form a quorum. Recommendations and Notices of Motion for the Annual Meeting shall be submitted to the Honorary County Administrator no later than 31st December Later submissions will not be accepted for the Agenda but may be discussed at the discretion of the Chairperson under Any Other Business without a decision being made. Such accepted Notices of Motion shall be submitted by the Honorary County Administrator to all affiliated clubs/sections for the consideration of their members at the Annual Meeting of the Association. Every item, which appears on the Agenda, will be discussed and put to the vote. 


If the Executive Board shall determine that sufficient cause has been shown, a Special Meeting of the Association must be summoned on the requisition of an affiliated club/section to consider the business or grievance set forth in the requisition. The requisition must state clearly the nature of the matter at issue, and be signed by the Honorary Secretary of the club/section.  The notice calling such a Special Meeting shall state the purpose for which it has been summoned, and no other business shall be transacted at that meeting. 


At Annual and at other Special General Meetings of the Association, voting shall be otherwise than by show of hands when considered necessary by the Chairperson.    


Each affiliated club shall be entitled to be represented at the Annual or other General Meetings by their Men’s Club Delegate and Women’s Council Delegate or their appointed representatives  Members of all clubs may attend any General Meeting and take part in business but only Delegates, Honorary Life Members and members of the Executive Board will be allowed to vote.



11         Standing Orders

             At the General Meeting and the Council Meetings the mover of a motion, but not the mover of an amendment, shall have the right of reply, immediately after which reply the question shall be put and a vote taken. No other person shall be allowed to speak more than once on the same motion, unless permission to explain is given by the Chairperson, or, in exceptional circumstances, by the consent of three quarters of those voting.

             The mover of a motion, when exercising his right to reply, shall not introduce new matters, but confine his reply to questions raised in the discussion. The seconder of a motion or an amendment thereto, may do so formally, and exercise his right to speak at a later period of the discussion.  A seconder must be from a different club than the mover. A direct negative to a motion is not a legitimate amendment. All amendments must be relevant to the motion under discussion. If an amendment be negatived, then another amendment may be moved to the motion under discussion, but only one amendment shall be submitted to the Meeting at one time.        


12.        Team Selections.

             The selection of teams for both County Friendly and National Competitions is as set out in the  Association Rules and Regulations of each gender


13.        Insurance

             The Association will obtain and effect Policies of Insurance for all County Trophies and against Public and Civil liabilities.

             Indemnity:- Each member of the Association (to the extent that such person is not entitled to recover under any policy of Insurance) shall be entitled to be indemnified out of any and all funds available to the Association, which may lawfully be so applied against all costs, expenses and liabilities whatsoever incurred by such person in the proper execution and discharge of duties undertaken on behalf of the Association arising therefrom and incurred in good faith in the purported discharge of such duties


14.        Liquidation

             In the event of the liquidation of the Association the funds and assets of the Association remaining after its debts and liabilities have been satisfied, including the costs and expenses of liquidation, shall be distributed by the Association in a General Meeting to a sporting body which is established substantially or primarily for the purpose of promoting any game or sport, providing that the game or sport is conducted for the recreation and benefit of the general public of the County of Norfolk and no part of the income or other funds of the body corporate operating such sport is used or available to be used for the pecuniary profit of any proprietor, member or shareholder.


15.        Disciplinary Matters

             The code of Practice to deal with any disciplinary matters as set out in the Rules and Regulations of Bowls England.


16.        Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary

             (a) The Gender Honorary Secretaries shall keep a record of all the business transacted at the Gender Annual and Management Committee meetings and shall submit to the Gender Annual Meeting reports of the proceedings of the Association since the previous Annual Meeting.             


(b) The Gender Honorary Treasurers shall submit to the Gender Annual Meeting a precise account of the income and expenditure to 30th September ‘Subject to Audit’.


(c) A professional Auditor will be elected at the Annual Meeting.


(d) Copies of the Statement of Income and Expenditure Account shall be sent to the Gender Officers of each Management Committee, the Delegates and the Honorary Secretary of each affiliated club 28 days before the Annual Meeting


17.        County and National competitions 

             All County and National competitions shall be confined to such clubs as have joined the Association.

             They shall be played under the rules and regulations of Bowls England and shall be under the control of the Association, who shall determine all questions of dispute that do not come within the scope of the umpires decision.  The general rules covering the playing of these competitions are set out in Bowls England Regulation 31, and the Association Rules and Regulations of each gender as appropriate.


18.        County Colours

             The County colours of the Association shall be Red Blue and White for Men and Red Yellow and Black for Women.


19.        County Badges

             The qualifications for the award of a County Badge are set out in the Association Rules and Regulations of each gender


 20.       Amendments to Constitution

             This Constitution may be rescinded, amended or added to only by a proposal when at least two thirds of the eligible votes are cast in favour by Delegates present and voting at the Annual Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the Association convened for that purpose.  Notices of motions shall be given in writing to the Honorary County Administrator no later than 31st December for any Annual Meeting. At any other time upon receipt of a Notice of Motion the Administrator will discuss the subject matter with the Executive Board and if advised by them will give 28 days’ notice of a Special General Meeting to members. Any amendments to the Constitution will not come into effect until thirty days have passed after such amendments have been approved by the Association.