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 played in the county of Norfolk under the auspices
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The site is designed to keep you up to date with what is happening in the Menís Association with information, news & updates of all County matches, County Championships & the Norfolk Bowls Association League. In addition the site contains details of the history of the Association & the many honours achieved by members since itís formation in 1936.


The site can also help anyone who is interested in taking up the sport with contact details of all clubs in the Association.


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Denis West


President 2020


Norfolk Bowls Association



President's Message


It is a great honour and privilege to be elected Norfolk Bowls Association President. Many thanks to Aldiss Park Bowls Club for their initial nomination. Additionally, I would like to thank so many other fellow bowlers, friends and relations for their encouragement and unfailing support over the last 2 years.


I shall do whatever I can in 2020 to make a great success of my Presidential duties. Currently, we are seeing changes taking place in the bowling communities, not only in Norfolk, but in the rest of the country. We do need to keep pace with these and be open minded enough to consider change, if deemed beneficial for our sport.


I have selected the East Anglia Air Ambulance as my charity for 2020. I do hope you will join with me in supporting this very well-known good cause. Any of us might greatly benefit from the East Anglia Air Ambulance when we are least expecting it.


My sincere thanks also go out to Harry Geary for agreeing to be nominated for the vacant post of Senior Vice President. We must all make an effort to try and keep the Presidential Team intact and any suggestions or recommendations you have in this direction will be most welcome. The continued success of our Association hinges to some extent on retaining a full Presidential team.


Finally, I would like to wish all members of Norfolk Bowls Association a very healthy and successful bowling season in 2020.


Denis West

President 2020