Menís President 2024



Presidentís Charitable Fund 2024

My Charity for the year is Men Sheds UK (Norfolk).


This is for men who are of working age and or retired, giving them local community workshops where they can chat, build, fix and restore projects as well as improving their mental wellbeing.


There are currently 27 Menís Sheds in the county that are all self-funded and need support to operate so I hope that you will be able to support this cause as Mental Health in men over 45 in our county is a growing concern.


Derek A Ryder MBA , BEng (Hons1), BA Hist (Hons1)

2024 Menís President Norfolk Bowls Association





Presidentís Charitable Fund 2023






My Charity for the year is Nelsonís Journey which is a Norfolk run charity that supports children and young people whoíve experienced the death of a significant person.
Nelsonís Journey provide a range of resources and services to families and professionals who may need their support and since 1997, Nelsonís Journey has helped thousands of bereaved children and young people in the county.



President Barney Wymer






Presidentís Charitable Fund 2022






I have selected The Benjamin Foundation as my charity for 2022. I do hope you will join with me in supporting this charity which is devoted to supporting young people and families across Norfolk & Suffolk to overcome big challenges in their lives They accommodate vulnerable young individuals by offering a safe nightís sleep for local young people so they can finally feel secure from youth homelessness.



President Harry Geary









Presidentís Charitable Fund 2020






I have selected the East Anglia Air Ambulance as my charity for 2020. I do hope you will join with me in supporting this very well-known good cause. Any of us might greatly benefit from the East Anglia Air Ambulance when we are least expecting it.



President Denis West









Presidentís Charitable Fund 2019






Our 2019 President, John Mason supported the Norfolk Deaf Association & our own Benevolent Fund in his Presidential year.


A total of £1,450.73 was raised and this amount was split £1,250.73 to the Norfolk Deaf Association & £200.00 to the Benevolent Fund. The amount was raised at various events over the season including the County Tour to Hampshire & Dorset and very many thanks to all who contributed.





Presentation of cheque for £1,250.73 by President John Mason to Norfolk Deaf Association Chief Executive, Aliona Derrett.








Our 2019 President, John Mason is supporting the Norfolk Deaf Association & our own Benevolent Fund in his presidential year and hopefully will receive great support for both of these worthy causes.









Presidentís Charitable Fund 2016






The Presidents nominated charity for 2016 is ďLouise Hamilton CentreĒ





Norfolk Bowls Association Men's President 2016 Richard Church presented a
cheque for £2450.00 to Maxine Taylor of the Louise Hamilton Centre, his
chosen charity for 2016. This sum was raised during the outdoor season by
raffles and other fundraising events and Richard would like to thank all who
contributed in raising this fantastic amount for a very worthy cause.









Presidentís Charitable Fund 2015






The Presidents nominated charity for 2015 is ďHarford Manor SchoolĒ


Harford Manor School is for special needs children aged from 3 to 19 years.


They are working hard to raise funds to create a Cob classroom for the school, it will be a fantastic and beautiful ECO building.


Work will commence at the end of June and it is a really sensory process and the builders are keen to involve pupils in various stages of its creation.


They are all really excited about it and hope you will all come and see it once itís built.


If and when the opportunity arises please give generously to this worthy cause. All donations will be treated as Gift Aid.


For more information please visit










Presidentís Charitable Fund 2014






The Presidents nominated charity for 2014 is ďStar ThrowersĒ.


Star Throwers is a not-for-profit registered charity based in Wymondham, the Presidentís home town and is dedicated solely to advising and supporting people and the people closest to them, who are affected in any way by cancer.


Their doctors and nurses give free unbiased advice on all stages of cancer from prevention and diagnosis to treatment options and management. In addition complementary therapies are provided as well as counselling, support, education and ongoing scientific research.


If and when the opportunity arises give generously to this worthy cause. All donations will be treated as Gift Aid.


For more information please visit










Presidentís Charitable Fund 2013











Dear Fellow Bowlers






†††††††† This year I have decided to support two charities, because I wish to support a local charity, East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH), and also, one with which I have been involved in for over 20 years, the Primary Club. Any sums raised will be evenly divided between the two.






††††††††† EACH will require no introduction from me, but not many of you will be familiar with the Primary Club, which started out as a charity providing facilities for visually impaired cricketers. As the charity has grown, so it has spread its wings and is now supporting the visually impaired in a variety of sports, including bowls. I do not yet have the figures for 2012, but in 2011 the Primary Club made grants totaling in excess of £222,500 of which some £11,750 went to the bowling fraternity. I shall have collection boxes at home County friendly and Presidentís Invitation matches and hope you will be generous in your support for those less fortunate than ourselves.






††††††††† My father died before I reached my teens and I later learned that, had it not been for charitable support, which among other things led to me spending seven years in boarding school, the difficulties that my mother faced might have been insurmountable. The education gave me a good grounding and I have prospered reasonably well in life. Given the support our family received, I have always been conscious of the great contribution charities make in life and hope that any contributions we may make will similarly help others.






††††††††† I have a very busy schedule ahead for the summer and hope to come across many of you during the course of it. As well as fulfilling my County commitments, I also hope to play as often as possible for my club, Diss & District BC, in the County league.






With my very best wishes






Peter Cottee




















 Dear Mr Cottee & All at the Norfolk Bowls Association


I am writing to personally thank you for your donation of £500.00 to East Angliaís Childrenís Hospices (EACH). It is so kind of you to think of EACH by choosing us as one of your chosen charities to support throughout your term as President, we really appreciate your kindness and support.


 East Angliaís Childrenís Hospices (EACH) supports families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across the region. We provide care and support wherever the family wishes Ė in familiesí own homes, in hospital or at one of our hospices.


We aim to raise more than £6 million from public donations to deliver our services this year. This will help us to continue developing and delivering a range of services including: overnight short breaks, day care, specialist play, music therapy, hydrotherapy, parent and sibling groups, symptom management support, care at end of life and bereavement support for all family members.


Your donation could be used to pay for sessions of specialist play for a child at our hospice or in their own home. This will make a difference to a child using our services, as specialist play helps to create memories, develop a range of communication methods, promote development, maintain skills, provide experiences and most of all, be fun!


If you have any further questions about EACH please do not hesitate to contact us by calling our direct line on 01953 666767.


Thank you once again for all your support.


Kind regards,



Jane Pigott

Support Services Administrator



Dear Peter


Thank you for nominating us as one of your charities in your Norfolk Bowls Association presidential year; it sounds like you are very busy.††Thank you, too, for the cheques totalling £500, which have been safely and gratefully received.


I wish you well for the rest of your presidential year


Best wishes




Chris Larlham

Hon Secretary

The Primary Club






6 December 2013


4 December 2013

Dear Mr Cottee,


Thank you for your letter of 2nd December 2013 and the payment enclosed of £325.00 from Norfolk Bowls Association. Please accept this email as receipt of the £325.00 donation.


Thank you very much for your support. It is greatly appreciated.


Kind regards


Alex Hunter


Supporter Services Administrator


East Anglia Childrenís Hospices (EACH), Suite 5, The Old Dairy, Elm Farm Business Park, Norwich Common, Wymondham, Norfolk. NR18 0SW 



Dear Peter


Thank you very much indeed for your letter of 2nd December enclosing cheques for £225 and £100, thus bringing the total raised for the Club from your Norfolk Bowls Association presidential year to £825.


We are really grateful to you for thinking of us as the beneficiary of your charity fund, and, of course, to all those whose donations contributed to the raising of such a marvellous amount.


With best wishes


Chris Larlham


Hon Secretary.

The Primary Club